The Centre for Urology at Lama Polyclinic offers a comprehensive facility for the diagnosis and treatment of complex genitourinary problems in adults and children.

Diagnosis and treatment of all types of Urinary problems including renal stones, prostatic problems in old and adults, urinary retention, hydrocele, varicocele and all types of urinary complaints.

  • Laser and infra-red treatment of anal conditions without anesthesia or surgery, without pain, without bleeding. You can eat everything and anything after the operation and do your regular activities after the session ( History of piles, anal fissures, anal fistula & pilonidal sinus)

  • Treatment of acute abdominal pain due to appendicitis, cholectitis, Peptic Ulceration and Spastic Colan.

  • Management of Hernia, Hydrocele, Varicocele, Varicose veins & breast problems.

  • Management of Urinary tract infections, Urinary stones, Prostate problems, Epididymo-Orchitis, Urinary Cathetersation, and Failure of erection, sexual disorders, early marriage problems and Sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Excision of swellings, in growing toe nail, cysts & small tumours.


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